Treasure Island

In January we staged Treasure Island by Ben Crocker.  It is a great script, very fresh and funny with, crucially, enough roles so that our younger members had a chance to shine.  And oh my word did they ever!

Our aim is to encourage our junior members to take a step they might, initially, be a little uncomfortable with and watch them soar as their confidence grows.  Teaching children to project their voices, to stand tall and to be a part of a close-knit team is great for them and for us.  Watching their confidence grow week by week and hearing about how they have changed away from our group as a result is absolutely incredible.

This year all our children performed brilliantly, they were keen, happy and enthusiastic throughout and it was a privilege to have been a part of their experience.

dym players treasure island 1019 039.jpg
dym players treasure island 1019 060.jpg
dym players treasure island 1019 038.jpg
dym players treasure island 1019 055.jpg