About Us

We, as members of Dymchurch Players, are rather proud—in fact we are ‘dead chuffed’ - to know that our little acting group is working well with regards to our young performers. Throughout the years we have had and still get, thankfully, young boys and girls who start off shyly in the chorus, gradually gaining more    confidence each year until they audition for a speaking part then hopefully (and thankfully for that matter) appear, ‘growing up’ in many ways.  The young you see today are in that process (they don’t all know it of course).

What this confidence brings can go many ways—performing in the classroom better, speaking out loud when required at school without flushing too red! Later, when the real world beckons, it enables them to perhaps persue their career in this very field… This of course has happened in recent years; Josh Boorer has been working at Butlins for several years now, Jessica Davis (our dear old dame’s daughter) has finished her degree and is currently directing our spring play and Annie Burr is currently chasing her dreams and still writing and performing her beautiful songs.

Now we have a steady flow of young talent who wish to entertain you on our stage but what we could do with are stage designers, stage directors and people who are happy to help behind the scenes.  If you have any   interest in any of those areas, please let one of the members know.  No experience is required, we all learn on the job and make some lovely new friends while we’re doing it! So please, don't hold back. Thank you.

Where it began....

Dymchurch Players started up in 1984 as a result of a meeting called by Diane Essen, a Parish Councillor, who felt that as Dymchurch now had a new Village Hall it would be nice to have a drama group using the stage.


The first meeting was attended by nine people who formed the caretaker committee, they quickly arranged fund raising events to collect money to add to the £35 given to us by the previous Dymchurch Players that had been run by one of the Vicars of the local Church.


An evening of entertainment followed when on the 7th December 1984 two one act plays were presented., one by the Junior section “As Good As New” and the other by the adults “There’s No Business’. Two of the adults acting in that play are still on stage and are currently to appear in a one act play in 2009.


Since that date the group has gone from strength to strength having presented over the years full length plays, an annual pantomime, variety shows and even a Mummers play for the Day of Syn. On one occasion we were asked to present a Mummers play about Guy Fawkes at the Shorncliffe Barracks for which we were paid money! The Group has also entered various Kent Drama festivals with one entry going through to the finals at the Gulbenkian Theatre and winning the ‘Best Actor’ award. 


There are still two of the original founding members in the group together with many other long serving members. We now have a healthy membership and a very large number of junior members.

Dymchurch Players are incredibly grateful to Magnox for the grant we have received enabling us to purchase a safer and more sophisticated pyrotechnic system for use in future productions.  With every bang and flash we will thank you; as will John—our detonator!